Friday, June 28, 2013

This Is Not Josh Hutcherson

The title says it all. This is definitely NOT Josh Hutcherson, though I'm kinda hoping this is him. The dead ringer's name is Anthony Romero from CockyBoys. Yep, he's a pornstar getting tied up and fucked by his hottie co-star Gabriel Clark. The scene was scorching hot. Of all these concept videos CockyBoys have put out, this one is the BEST! I'm in love with his armpits! Enjoy these 43 screencaps and check out the video link after the jump. 

Click the link for the video:


  1. hala sobrang kahawig nga! kulang lang sya sa panga pero mata tsaka kilay sobrang pareho nung kay josh hutcherson..

  2. jakolan tayo sa mga kilikili mga tol post niyo lng number niyo dito