Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dennis Trillo: BBG's Dingdong Lang Ang Pagitan

Our favorite subject:) These are screencaps from Bubblegang's Anniversary Special. Dennis did the macho dancing for the second time but it's kinda bit short. Sad. But still hot as hell though!

I also have to include these non pitshot pics 'cause they're equally hot as well. I really like it when he's wearing a black sando :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Forgive me...

For drooling over Gerald's pits over and over again. I can't help it. He is getting sexier every minute and Im still desiring to sniff his pits for one whole day! Gah

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rodjun Cruz: Folio

Do you still remember those Christmas days where you're so eager to open that one tiny gift from your Mom and suddenly, nothing really matters? That's exactly what I felt when I bought Folio. Gosh. I almost cried when I opened it. It's Rodjun's orgasmic pitshot! I literally cannot count how many times I cum over this pic. It was magical, almost divine feeling that I want to last for like forever. It's the natural sexiness of his pits that I can't explain why I'm so mesmerized. Tamang tama lang ang tubo ng armpit hairs, his white complexion, and even the white deo-crumbs on his pits. It's so close I can almost smell his manliness! Anyway.. nuff said. Its time for me to share this pic with you guys. Feel free to post your hot comments:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gerald's New TVC :)

Yep. It's his new Century Tuna tvc! Gosh. He gave another instant hard-on. Sarap talaga ng armpit ni Gerald :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jake Cuenca

Of course, who would ever forget Jake? He's one of the generous guy in showbiz when it comes to pitshots (second to my Dennis, of course! lol)

Retro Hunks: Matthew Mendoza

Here's a pitshot of Matthew Mendoza from a vintage mag. Gosh. He looks like my crush wayback when I was in Junior High. Tee hee!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Because We All Love The Prince :)

Here's a pitshot of him from Cosmo's Bachelor Bash :)

Wendell Ramos: Jejemom

These are screencaps from last night's episode. Wow. I'm loving Wendell. :)

Chuck Allie!!!

This one really came as a pleasant surprise. Thanks Steven for these pics :) I'm not aware that Chuck has sexy armpits pala huh. And now I'm kinda wonderin what's his smell like. I'll leave that to your thoughts:) Let's just enjoy the pics.

Alex Castro

I think it's time that Alex will have his own post by this time. Afterall, he looks a bit like Dennis Trillo and I can't resist his armpit in this pic too. Gosh. I want to smell that pit now!

Folio Hunks Are Coming Soon!!!

Oh yes! This one's a very good news and I can't hardly wait! Gosh. Finally, Rodjun is now a part of a sexy mag! I hope there are lots of his pitshots in Folio. I'll keep my fingers crossed! Meanwhile, let's enjoy this promo pic of Joross and Lipgloss pic of Rodjun :)