Sunday, August 7, 2011

F*ck Yeah Cory!

These are new additions in my Cory Monteith pitshots. F*ck I think I just cummed in my pants. I'd do him in a heartbeat!

Dennis Trillo: All Alone in Bed

I'm speechless again. This guy really loves to show his pits. He knows that we want to see it and I thank him for being so generous. Thanks for the photographer as well. You've made us so delighted :)

Geoff Taylor

I'd love to lick your armpit you sexy crooner! AAAArgh!

David Archuleta

Been looking for David's pitshot for like a very long time now. Good thing Chyna sent this to my email. Thanks Chyna! You just made my day!

James Reid

This pic was sent to me by Steven. I'm not really a fan but I gotta say, this kid has hot pits! Yum.

FB Guy: Jomar II

Another smexy pitshot from Jomar :)