Monday, October 4, 2010

Jakey for Undress :)

Thanks to Triathlon for the link to this video. It gave me instant hard on! Grabe. Ayaw talagang magpaawat ni Jake. In a span of two months, here he goes again. Another sexy pictorial from Bench. I REALLY wish AJ Perez will have the same project. That would make me euphoric :)

Mike Vogel

Remember that gorgeous guy from Texas Chainsaw? The one who lost a limb? Yup. I'm referring to Mike Vogel. Gosh. I really want to do it with him. He's the type of guy that I want to hug and kiss all day and.. smell his pits as well:) These screencaps are from his two movies, Grind and Havoc. Enjoy guys!

It always feels orgasmic seeing him being pleasured by this girl. Uhm. Hottest thing ever!

Oh yeah! Take it Mike! Take it! (Ooops! Sorry. Haha)

Why Oh Why, Mark?

Pressure from work has taken its toll. I noticed yesterday that Mark is skinnier now. Yeah, I know that its PP's Skin Special but Mark failed to give me a hard on. Sad. I just wish he wore a black sando then danced in his own sexy way. His armpit is enough to give me that satisfaction..

The Prince Disrobes...

I apologize for the long wait. My busy sched together with my stupid, narcissistic boss kept me from updating this blog so please, bear with me. Anyway, here's the other version of Prince's X-Ray pics. Enjoy! I hope AJ Perez will be the next one :)

Nick Jonas: Tour Pitshot

This was really surprising. Someone sent this pic to my email and I was really delighted:) Thanks man. (You know who you are!) Gosh. Nick is soo hot in this pic!

New Banner!

Your comments on my Folio post were really overwhelming so I decided to put Rodjun as my new blog's banner starting today:) I hope I made your day guys. Cheers!