Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Xian Lim

Remember GGV's episode when Vice Ganda secretly smelled Xian's armpit? Gah. I can still remember what he told the audience after smelling it. "Ang bango ng kilikili ni Xian!". Nakakainggit. But this picture made my day. Teehee! Thanks to arbiekay! :)

JC Tiuseco

I have to admit, it's really hard to find a pit shot for this guy. Kinda bit depressing for me 'cause I really like to see his armpits (in close up). For now, I give you these pics (first pic makes me want to hug him tight and smell his armpit even with his shirt on. what a tease!).

Darren Criss

I gotta love Darren's character in Glee. He plays Kurt's boyfriend, Blaine Anderson and he kinda reminds me of Daniel Radliffe/Jesse Bradford. LOL. The first two screencaps are from Glee. Enjoy!

Rayver Cruz: Cinco

These screencaps are from the third episode of Cinco. I adore Rayver's armpits. They're so fair!