Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chan Than San: California Boy

These pictures were taken from the California Boy Photoshoot of my favorite Thai Supermodel, Chan Than San. More of him next week! He looks like Jerry Yan no? :)

Oooohh John!

It really turns me on everytime I see him dance especially with that Kuya Keem costume in Banana Split. So boyish! Plus, he's chubby too. That RR girl is soo lucky everytime John kisses him!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Luis Alandy: Getting buff?

Dante, Luis' character in GMA's Beauty Queen is getting buff. Here's another generous episode from the genius director, Direk Joel Lamangan. I LOVE YOU DIREK!

Chord Overstreet: GLEE's Sam Evans

Teehee! I have a big crush on this guy. Yup, I'm talking about lady lips himself, Sam Evans. But this is really sad because these were the only pitshots of him that I found on the net. *smirks* I hope next time, he'll be more generous!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dennis Trillo: Adik Sa 'Yo

We sure do have another reason to be addicted to this guy. Another generosity from a clever director as well. I love Direk Joel Lamangan. He brings out the natural sexiness of the male characters in a story. This scene, in particular, is uber sexy even though Dennis didn't take off his shirt. And Jennica is such a lucky girl to sniff that drool-worthy armpits! Gah. Life is so unfair :-(

John Lloyd Cruz: Maging Sino Ka Man

Adding to our collection of chubby list are these precious screencaps of JLC from Maging Sino Ka Man. This is their very first episode from that teleserye and I want to share this with you guys. Enjoy!

KC Thadani

One of the Thadani Brothers, KC is a main stay of Comedy Bar (airs every Saturday, 11pm). He's one of the Beer-gins there and he always takes his shirt off. So you guys better watch the opening of that show for some pit actions from KC :)

Couples. PART 2 ( Boynapped )

Gosh. Can't remember how many times I cummed while watching this vid so I decided to post it here and share the screencaps with you guys. This is the perfect porn scenario for us! And dream sex as well! If you are going to play as the top guy, then who's gonna be your victim (bottom guy)? I have my answer... I wanna know yours :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Arthur Cipriano is Soo Back!

Our favorite FB guy is back here on my blog for more pit shows. Teehee! I have to include the first non-pitshot pic because he's so sexy in that black shorts. I like his chubbiness. Sarap yakapin, amoy-amuyin at ihiga sa kama! (Ooops!)

Sibling Rivalry: Who Has the Sexier Armpit?

Damn.. I've been fantasizing a lot when it comes to Jonas Brothers. Their armpits are so sexy. Boyish yet so manly. So who do you think has the sexier armpit?

(Totally orgasmic!)


(Yummy! Hug and leave your sexy sweat all over me!)

You be the judge! :)

THE FABE SERIES: Jimwel Bondoc

Another addition to my monthly recurring posts is The Fabe Series, from Vic Fabe's famous website where I got these very generous pictures of Jimwel Bondoc. Well, I dunno if he's somewhat related to the very gorgeous Onemig Bondoc but one thing's for sure, he has armpits that need serious licking. Lol. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Luis Alandy

Been searching for a good pitshot of Luis these past few weeks until I saw last night's episode of Beauty Queen where he took off his shirt while on a go-see. Damn, he's so hot!