Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bonz Andrei Militar

If you're going to ask me who's my favorite 2012 Mr.Pogi Finalist, definitely, my answer would be Bonz! I mean, take a look at his face. Need I say more? Well the picture is not really an armpit shot but this got me busy for this day. Teehee! I want to kiss his lips! Click view MORE to see how this picture could be a BIG tease :)

The Hunk Teacher

This is gonna be one of my sexiest post ever. Nothing could be sexier than a TRUE story about sniffing a sexy man's armpit. Big thanks to the guy who generously shared his wonderful experience with us (well, you know who you are *wink*). So here it is guys, I suggest you read the whole story and experience instant hard-on. Click view MORE to read the whole story and see this Hunky Teacher's sexy armpit :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dominic Roque in Aryana

I'm really turned on by this guy. I find him REALLY sexy. I think he has that almost perfect armpit that anyone would love to sniff everyday. He looks so neat, parang ang bango bango lagi! These are screencaps of Aryana's November 28 episode, I also included Paul Salas' armpit shot here for those of you guys who requested. Click view MORE to see the screencaps.

Sexy Sweaty Alexis Fabregas

Nothing can be sexier than a sweaty guy posing in front of a camera after his work out. I just love how Alexis Fabregas loves to show off his sexy body. It's just so perfect. Click view MORE to see his sweaty armpits :)

Bodie Cruz

At long last, Bodie Cruz finally posted an armpit shot in his twitter account. This was just posted about an hour ago and luckily, I checked my email and someone sent me a link to this supah hot pic. Thanks Charlie! Click view MORE to see his armpits :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ahron Villena For Walker

I have to admit, I cannot count how many times I wanked over at this pic. It's so freakin sexy! Seeing Ahron Villena in white undies with his ampits exposed is so unbelievably sexy. He reminds me of my room mate wayback when I was in highschool. Damn. If I could turn back the time, I would smell his armpits every morning all over again. Haha! Click view MORE to see his sexy armpits.

JC Jimenez

Meet my newest eyecandy, indie actor JC Jimenez. I first saw him appeared in the gay-themed indie film Lilay, Darling of the Crowd and instantly, he got my attention. He has that not-so muscular body type, yung tipong katawang pang-romansa lang. Teehee! I get instant hard-on everytime I see him shirtless and I've been fantasizing about him a lot. I so want to smell his armpit. Dayuuum! Click view MORE to see more sexy pics.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gerald Anderson for Men's Health

This post is for my second eye candy, Gerald Anderson. I just finished watching 24/7 In Love last night and there's a super sexy scene there where Gerald was forced to take his clothes off during an underwear photo shoot. I had a 10-second glimpse of Gerald's manly pits while he's taking his white tank top off and that moment made my day. Teehee! I'm going to get some screencaps of that scene for you guys but for now, click view MORE to see Gerald pose for Men's Health.

More of Dennis Trillo in Temptation Of Wife

MORE screencaps of our Armpit King, Dennis Trillo in his super hot Teleserye, Temptation of Wife. You guys better watch this soap. There are tons of sexy scenes and pitshots there! Click view MORE to see the screencaps.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jason Francisco: The Adventures of Pureza

Adding to our list of generous guys when it comes to showing off their pits is our funny guy Jason Francisco. I was just watching KrisTV earlier this morning when I saw him helping Kris in baking and I thought I should get some screencaps from his movie with ex-girlfriend Melai, The Adventures of Pureza where he had some nice armpit shots. Damn. Naalala ko tuloy yung room mate ko dati wayback highschool. His armpits look like Jason's, and every morning, I made sure to smell them secretly while he's still asleep. TeeHee! Oh the good old days! Click view MORE to see his sexy armpit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zayn Malik

FINALLY! Thank you Vinzi1D for sending me the GIF image. It's so freakin sexy! I'm in awe since the moment I opened your email. ROFL. Nothing could be sexier than seeing Zayn Malik in white undies, his armpit exposed. Click view MORE to see him move :)


It's time for you guys to meet one of my favorite bottom guy, Bryce Star. He has done many videos in the Porn Industry already but this BaitBus episode is my favorite. Imagine a real straight guy being seduced by a girl and then finally persuades him to be a bottom for an equally hot top guy. How hot is that? And take a look at that armpit and his sexy bod. Gosh. I want to stick my face on it right now. Click view MORE to see  these sexy screencaps.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jose Sarasola: Kapitan Awesome

Well I think it's about time for Jose Sarasola to have a post here in my blog. These are screencaps from an episode of TV5's comedy series Kapitan Awesome where he played the character Kapitan Handsome. I adore the scene where the director tried to smell Jose's armpit. Dayyumm. What a lucky guy. Click view MORE to see the screencaps.

Michael C. Hall in Dexter

Do you guys watch Dexter? Well, I'd say it's a good series if you ask me. Check out these screencaps from the series. Click view MORE to see the hot scene between Michael C. Hall and former Chuck star Yvonne Strahovsky.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gerald and Rayver: In The Navy

Can someone give me a video link to their supah hot opening number this lunch? Gosh. I wish I have a video link so that I can get screencaps. This is so frustrating! Yes, I'm talking about Sexy Goldenboy Gerald Anderson and Mr. Fair Armpits Rayver Cruz! They made my lunch time scorching hot. I'm not gonna lie, I was jacking off the whole time they're dancing. ROFL. Sorry I just can't help it. Gerald sure knows how to move his sexy body. They don't even need to take their shirt off, just a clear view of their hot armpits is more than enough for me. Click view MORE and let the picture speaks for itself >:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dennis Trillo: Handford Photoshoot BTS

Sir Popoy is very generous to share this picture with us guys. I was so happy to see this behind-the-scene picture this morning. TeeHee! I think it's raw, unedited, and indeed, VERY sexy. Once again, Dennis Trillo proved to me that he deserves to be my blog's banner. I'm still waiting for Handford to release the official pictures of Dennis in their website (it's taking so long!). Anyway, let's just enjoy this BTS pic for now. Click view MORE to see his VERY sexy armpit.

Monday, November 12, 2012


I don't know what got into me. Lately, I've been liking boyish type of guys. Take for example, Migs of FABE Clothing. I mean look at those armpits, they look so fresh! I so want to sniff them right now. And come take a look at his face, he looks so innocent. Damn. The last pic really turned me on. Credits to Sir Vic Fabe for the wonderful pictures. Click view MORE to see his beautiful and sexy armpits.  :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dominic Roque Is Such A Tease!

Damn. If I was there during the photoshoot, I might have sniffed that VERY sexy armpit! He's such a tease! All I have are decent screencaps of him from Aryana. I wish he'd pose sexy for a mag, something like what Rodjun did for Folio before. Sigh. For now, let me share this with you guys. Click view MORE to see him teasing you :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dennis Trillo in EDSA

Ok, so I was driving along EDSA-Guadalupe last Monday when I saw this billboard and literally, I got an instant hard-on. It's our Armpit King, Dennis Trillo on the billboard! And what really surprised me is the product that he endorses. Yes, you're seeing it right. It's HANDFORD. It's a good thing Dennis posted this picture in Instagram. So, should we expect more revealing pics next time? 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FABE'S Kel Padilla

I really admire Mr. Vic Fabe and his photography skill. He knows what raw sexiness means. And it's such a great news that he will be launching his new magazine this November. Ha! I'm so ready to buy it right now. For now, let me share this hot Fabe Male Model Kel Padilla. Dayuuum Kel is so fine! He has that lean body, pink nips, hot treasure trail and of course, sexy armpits! Click view MORE to see those steamy photos of Kel!

JC Tiuseco at Cosmo Bash 2012

Finally! I'm seeing decent pit shots of JC all over the net. He's another hot guy to watch out for in the steamy soap Temptation of Wife. JC plays the character of our Armpit King's BFF, Bernard. Click view MORE to check out these hot pit shots that I got from Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jonathan Groff: Twelve Thirty

Ok, first let me begin this post by saying I'm so into this guy ever since I saw him on Glee. I mean, who wouldn't like Jesse right? He has that cute curly hair and puppy eyes. Then came the news last September that confirmed his relationship with American Horror Story's Zachary Quinto. Damn, such a lucky guy. If I would be his boyfriend, I'll make sure I give him a nice armpit sniff and licking every night. ROFL. Nuff said. For now, I give you these screencaps that I got from his drama movie Twelve Thirty. Click view MORE to see his sexy armpit and nekkidness.

FB Guy: Visam

This guy is so gorgeous! I want to thank Maurice13 for sending me the picture. The picture is so close I can almost smell his manliness and count the armpit hairs. Dayuuum! Click view MORE to see his sexiness.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dennis Trillo: Temptation of Wife

Indeed, the premiere episode of our version of Temptation of Wife was really worth-watching. It's not like everyday you get to see our Armpit King nekkid in bed sheets (hihihi) so here you go guys, for those of you who failed to watch last night's episode, click view MORE to see those hot screencaps :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MY FAVORITE PORNSTAR: Marc Dylan of Men On Edge

Marc Dylan broke out onto the gay porn scene in 2011 at the age of 27. His handsome good looks (he reminds me of my favorite jack off material Shia LaBeouf!) and muscled physique proving hugely popular with directors as well as fans. Want to see his sexy armpits? Click view MORE to see him tied up and nekkid!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In Love with Arthur Cipriano

I'm so in love with Arthur right now. I have recently found out that this guy is a famous blogger- HOT! Thanks to the sweet person who posted the link to his tumblr account in the comment section (you know who you are). And so I checked out his tumblr and saw the GIF image below..

click view MORE to see his sexy armpit

Monday, October 8, 2012

Richard Bradley Arma

So I was browsing some good indie movie trailers just a while ago and I saw Mestizo's trailer. I thought the lead guy in the trailer is cute and hot at the same time so I tried to look for his name and pit shots and voila! Luckily I found the last photo. Damn, I like his unkept armpit hair!

click view MORE to see his sexy armpit


Check out this new series that I'm going to post whenever I find time to get some screencaps of my favorite porn clips :)

Let me introduce you to Tom II of Corbin Fisher. I LOVE the sexiness of this guy. He's BIG, BEEFY, and BLOND, the kind of stud you want in your bed during cold nights. He has that Quarterback vibes at parang ang bango bango nya kapag niyakap ka niya. Hay. Take a look at his pictures that made me happy today. Damn he's so hot! Teehee.

click view MORE to see his sexy armpit

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Joe Jonas in Concert

He's hot with or without shirt. I'm always having instant hard on just by watching him in The Next. Here are his fan-captured pics during one of their band's concerts. Damn those manly armpits!

click view MORE to see his sexy armpit

The Cute Sidekick

Am I the only one who thinks Jason Francisco is a hot guy? He's playing as a sidekick in Angelito 2 and he always wears tank top almost all the time. I bet he loves displaying those hot armpits :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Harry Styles!

Despite the fact that my favorite 1D member is Zayn, I would still post this pic. I couldn't resist Harry's charm. He's so cute and I mean look at his armpit, it looks so fresh! Thanks to Sant1D for this pic. Cheers!

I still love Zayn though. I just wish he'd show us his armpits.

Monday, October 1, 2012

John Prats: Striptease Scene in Angelito 2

QUESTION: What would you do if Pratty stripteases in front of you? F*ck. Just the thought of him taking that black tank top off makes me wet. Behold these 20 screencaps that I captured just for you guys. He has the sexiest armpit now! Enjoy!

click view MORE to see his sexy armpit

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Richard Gutierrez: That Sexy Torture Scene

The moment that I saw last night's episode of Makapiling Kang Muli, I knew I have to get the screencaps of this sexy scene. Damn. This one is beyond sexiness. I have waited like seven years since the 2005 Cosmo Centerfold for a clear pit shot of Richard and it seemed that this actor is not being generous at all. Thanks to last night's episode, my long-time dream has finally turned into a reality :)

click view MORE to see his sexy armpit

David Archuleta in Concert

I was actually quite surprised to see a picture like this being uploaded by his fans on the net. Haha. It only means that they find Archie's armpits hot as well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dominic Roque

Meet my newest eye candy, Dominic Roque. He's the newest artist in the Kapamilya network that really caught my attention.

I mean, look at those lips. Parang tocino lang. Hahaha! And I bet you guys already watched this Hubad-Piga scene in Aryana. Of course he deserves 10 screencap frames in my blog.

click view MORE to see his sexy armpit

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gerald Anderson: Sweaty!

Have you guys watched this vey sexy vid? I know it's about getting buff but my mind saw a very different thing. Damn. I wonder how his sweaty pits smell like. Yum.

watch it here:

Sporty Rayver

Got this pic from AAbelles. Damn. Rayver's armpit is so sexy I just want to stare at it the whole day! :)

Jason Biggs: Sushified

Care to eat some of those Ebi sushi? Of course! And after eating it, I'd lick the whole plate as well. Yumyum.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Xian Lim

Remember GGV's episode when Vice Ganda secretly smelled Xian's armpit? Gah. I can still remember what he told the audience after smelling it. "Ang bango ng kilikili ni Xian!". Nakakainggit. But this picture made my day. Teehee! Thanks to arbiekay! :)

JC Tiuseco

I have to admit, it's really hard to find a pit shot for this guy. Kinda bit depressing for me 'cause I really like to see his armpits (in close up). For now, I give you these pics (first pic makes me want to hug him tight and smell his armpit even with his shirt on. what a tease!).

Darren Criss

I gotta love Darren's character in Glee. He plays Kurt's boyfriend, Blaine Anderson and he kinda reminds me of Daniel Radliffe/Jesse Bradford. LOL. The first two screencaps are from Glee. Enjoy!