Friday, May 27, 2011

FB Guy: Aries

Sent to me by Arkin. Wow. I just love the skin complexion of this guy. And that innocent-looking face makes me want to face-f*ck him BDSM-ish. Wish I have a more armpit-exposed pic of him. More pics Arkin! Haha. Thanks for this one :)

Couples. PART 4 (Missionaries)

Pits and my favorite sex position :)

FB Guy: Darlito

This guy has cute nipples. Makes me want to suck them whole day.

Matthew Settle

Matthew Settle might not be your first choice in Gossip Girl, but he’s definitely mine. I’d even pick him over Penn Badgley, like legit. He played a father figure and all but underneath that dad’s shirt, this guy has a tight body in there. I'd do him in a heartbeat, true story. Haha. And that last pic is so divine. Yum.

FB Guy: Axel

Here's another cute chinito from my precious collection of hot guys. Enjoy! :)

Thomas Jane

Remember that hot guy from Punisher? How about that sexy Daddy from The Mist? Gosh. I just couldn't get Thomas Jane outta my mind lately and I knew I have to create a post for him because he deserves one. These are screen caps from his mini series HUNG :)

American Boys. PART 5 (Dicks and Pits!)

Requested by Rockheart via email. Here are your American Boys. Enjoy Rockheart! Love to lick those dicks and pits! Yum.

AJ Ona

Gotta love those nipples and ofcourse, that armpit :)

John Bardo Espiritu

John first caught my attention when I saw his FABE photoshoot vid on youtube. Gosh. He's a lot more orgasmic in that vid and you guys should watch it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gerald Anderson: Cosmo Reposted

Sorry guys if I just reposted this one. One of our avid follower here, Sunade, requested this BTS from So yeah, enjoy Sunade! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nameless Pits

I know I owe you guys a lot of posts here. Been busy doing a lot of work and I seriously hate my boss now. Anyway, nuff said. Here are some pics of nameless guys that I've found from the website of a very talented photographer. Handsdown to you sir!

Mark Herras: X-Ray Reloaded

Couldn't get enough of Mark's pitshot here. By far, this was his hottest pic ever. I hope he'll go to the gym and work those biceps out though.

Alex Pettyfer

Remember that cute guy from I Am Number Four? Yup. That's him, Alex. And I consider myself lucky that one of my follower's here, Chris, sent this to my email. Thanks Chris! Cheers!

Piolo Revealed.

It's so damn hard to find a pitshot of Papa P. Good thing I just visited TarugoBoy's site and found this one. Totally hot :)