Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rayver Cruz: Kristine

Dang. I missed this episode. I definitely need to buy Dvd copies of this series. It's like every scene is steamy that you will feel sorry if you missed one. Thanks to Rayver's thread, I was able to cap this scene. Enjoy!

Julian Roxas

I saw this guy from my mom's Hang Ten's catalogue and I really find him hot! He looks like one of those Japanese porn star. Teehee! I heard that he's a PolSci student from LaSalle and a part of indie film Lilay. Damn. I should have that Dvd!

Someone Should Kiss His Pits Right Now (I mean, seriously!)

Haha. I found these gorgeous pics from and I'm so delighted that finally, they featured Rodjun Cruz as their Cosmo Online Hunk for this month. I've been waiting for week 4 of his photo shoot trying to look for a pitshot then BOOM. Finally! Oh. There you go. I'm starting to sound creepy now. LOL. Anyway, I have a part of his interview here that you might want to check out...

"What part of your body do you love to be kissed?
'Yung kilikili ko. (Laughs.) Hindi, joke lang, joke lang! Ito naman. Siyempre sa lips 'tsaka sa cheeks."

GOTCHA! Well Rodjun, jokes are half-meant :)