Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Carlo Atienza

Another cute chinito. Finally found a good pic that would satisfy my craving for his pits! Enjoy :)

Richie Nuzzolese: That Hot Guy in Katy Perry's Last Friday Night MTV

And I couldn't stop myself jacking off after I saw that vid. Gosh. This guy is so freakin hot! Love to have him every morning and just cuddle :)

Simon Atkins

Ugh. I just love to sniff those pits all day. Yum.

Renzie Ongkiko

I really like this guy. Couldn't blame Century Tuna for choosing him as their 2010 winner :)

Mark Suparat

Sigh. What a lucky husky. He has one of those sexiest smooth pits I've seen so far.. Thanks Steven!

FB Guy: Randtz

Currently, this guy is working at JPMorgan Chase (hhmm.. smart eh?). Another sexy point for that one! Haha. I just love the sight of his armpit here in this pic. So sexy.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dennis Trillo: Sweaty!

Sigh. I just wanna get down and dirty with this guy. Gotta love those sweaty pits and nips. Yum.

Gerald Anderson: Catch Me I'm In Love

I must admit, the movie was so teen-ish but I kinda like the plot. Reminds me of A Very Special Love. Anyway, let's just enjoy these screencaps of Gerald from this movie :)