Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alexis Fabregas: Pitshots

I really like the contours of his body. It's very very orgasmic and adds sexiness to his pits. Damn, I'd do him in a heartbeat! lol

Couples. PART 1

I made this post for those intimate moments that we typically see in some gay sites. Enjoy! :)

Jason Francisco

I think it's time for him to have a post naman here 'cause I really do think that he's cute, plus he has sexy pits (i think), so yeah.. here's Jason :)

American Boys. PART 1

Well, aside from those Hollywood actors that we're fantasizing, I also want to post these non-actor pics that I got from different blogs. I'd like to call this post, American Boys (teehee!). Because we also love to see their pits, expect this blog to have a series of this post once or twice a month :)

Vivo Ouano

Remember that Starstruck avenger that looks like Dennis Trillo? Yup. I'm talkin about Vivo Ouano. It's really sad that GMA did not give him any chance to shine. And now I'm wondering what he's up to lately. Thanks to Steven for these pics btw :)

Ivan Dorschner's Pits

I love this kid :) When he's still inside Kuya's house, I always wait for him to wear a black sando and show his hairless pits. Poor me I was unable to cap those scenes, so thanks to Steven for these scaps! :)