Tuesday, September 10, 2013

That Lovely Black Tank Top

It's a fact that I love pretty boys, chunky bears, and furry armpits. Having said that, I'm still a human being. And it's human nature to have other weird fetishes. There's something about black tank tops that turns me on instantly. Can't actually explain it (I'm not a psychologist, okay?) but I think it has something to do with the teasing part. A wishful thinking that I might see the guy's glorious armpits if he will raise his big arms. Take for example, Xian Lim's picture above. His armpit in that shot is beyond words, I literally just stared at it for the whole 30 minutes. Xian needs to wear that black tank top, a mandatory in every TV appearance. Check out these pictures from the Kapamilya US Tour sent to me by Brandon after the jump. Thanks Brandon!


  1. Ang hot nya at sobrang nakakagigil ang armpit at mga braso nya kahit may mga rumors na baklita sya! HAHA! ;)

  2. ako din. nalalambutan ako sa kaniya. Pero kung gay nga siya edi mas masaya. Ang sarap kaya niya