Monday, November 21, 2016

Armpit Teasers

This post is for one of my very lucky readers who accidentally saw Dylan Sprouse in person last week in Brooklyn. Here's hoping you'd see him again (wearing a tank top, hopefully). 


  1. OMG! I haven't seen this photo. It's me!!! Thanks for granting my request. I don't know if I can bump into him again (feeling close, Lmfao). Seriously, he's the hottest white guy I've seen in my 25 years of existence. Lol. I've always been Team Cole since The Suite Life. Now I'm Team Dylan. He used to be so chunky. God. I can't move on. He's like a young hotter version of Leonardo DiCaprio. Sprouse twins got this brownish/grayish armpit hair. It's sf hot. Cole is busy shooting CW's Riverdale from what I've heard.

  2. Marcus, I have some emailed photos for you, check it out!