Monday, August 19, 2013

Breakfast In Bed

Paulo Avelino and his surprisingly furry armpits are no stranger to this blog. Based on these screencaps that I got from his steamy movie, The Bride And The Lover, there were a lot of armpit shots. My crotch approves and I really don't see why yours wouldn't. And those come-to-bed-with-me-now-damn-you eyes work with me every single time. He's just so F R E A K I N  H O T (okay, I think I managed to express myself pretty well there). More screencaps after the jump!


  1. Yung All Out of Love music video puro kilikili din.... Tangina sarap nito. Thanks, Marcus. Kinis ng kilikili ni Paulo. Kingina

  2. pati reporters tinitigasan sa bulbol sa kilikili ni Paulo