Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Go F*ck Yourself, Dave Franco

So finally, I was able to watch Now You See Me and I think it's a great movie with a really nice plot and the guys in that awesome film are totally hot but Dave Franco (James Franco's little brother) caught my attention bigtime. The handsomeness of this guy is off the charts, I think it's impossible to make him look unattractive. So my inner creeper did some little research (and tried to look for some armpit shots, of course) and I found this really funny but weird clip. It's Dave Franco literally fucking himself in all his naked glory, sweaty and glistening. Check out the caps and the clip from Funny Or Die after the jump!

Check out the clip from Funny Or Die here. 


  1. DELECTABLE PITS! he's in Warm Bodies too.