Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Billy's Thank You Speech

You know what, you can find pictures of shirtless Jake Cuenca and other standard manwhores literally anywhere on the net (including here, of course), but like it or not you would have to visit this blog to witness the magnificent chunky goodness of Billy Crawford and other chunkies. So enjoy these screencaps from Billy's thank you speech in It's Showtime. Damn, this is like the sexiest speech ever. Click view MORE to see his armpits.


  1. kahit amoy putok pa yung kilikili ni billy, hihimudin at sisinghutin ko yan! tangina

  2. this is what separates your blog from the others... you also feature chubby guys like Billy, Arthur Cipriano, John Prats & Geoff.

  3. hey if you think about it,,,
    you got a new category. CHUNKIES
    and your choice of Billy, Arthur Cipriano and geoff and many more is DELIGHTFUL

    more of billy and and arthur ih so please and Geoff

    1. Thanks! Don't worry, I'll post more chunkies soon! :)